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Tianna Brown is a 16 years old that has dreamed of being a dancer for as long as she can remember. It has been all she has ever wanted to be, and from the time she was a little girl who taught her stuffed animals to dance, her determination and dedication to her passion has been nothing short of remarkable. As Tianna grew from an 8 year old donning her first tutu, to the tender 10 year old who understood that this would be her journey in life, she was still but a fledgling when she began having to make major life choices in order to follow her bliss.
“Choices in school began getting harder. I quit choir so that I could dance. I had to give up basketball, my dad was not happy. I was now getting to the point that it wasn’t about me, but the art form. The way I could make the audience feel what I feel in the dance. It was now all about making people hear the music differently.” Tianna admitted.

Entering into the ninth grade, Tianna had to make the hardest sacrifice yet – in order to maintain her dance classes, she would have to leave the public school system and become home-schooled.

“It was hard, doing that my freshman year. None of my friends understood, many stopped talking to me. I don’t let that bother me, because I know what I want with my life, and if they can’t stand by me now, they could never do it later.” Tianna explained, engulfed in a wisdom beyond her years.

Tianna Brown @twinkle.toe.tianna
Tianna Brown @twinkle.toe.tianna


Her sophomore year marked yet another time of increased responsibilities, but unlike many teenagers, some were responsibilities she insisted on having. Tianna asserted that she help her mother with the household bills, and after much begging, her mother finally relented and allowed her to get her first job. With her already constrained schedule, hectic doesn’t even begin to describe Tianna’s days.
“It then became school, work, then off to dance. I worked harder than I ever had, because I had something to fight for. I got to go to dance at the end of the day.“ Tianna remarked with unquestioning devotion.

This past January, Tianna auditioned for 21 different dance intensives. These intensives are offered to advanced dancers that show promise, dedication, drive and discipline.
Two weeks after the audition, Tianna got back her results: she was not only accepted for the summer intensive at the Joffrey Ballet School, but into year training program as well! All of Tianna’s hard work and dedication paid off and her dreams were coming true! Well, almost. Yet another challenge has placed itself in her path – she can’t afford to go.

“I am really excited to be able to go, but I know my mom can’t afford it alone. I am doing little things here and there to raise money. I am having a garage sale, a movie night and selling calendars I made myself. It’s not a lot, but I always say, every penny counts! I am working on other ways to save money, the only other thing I have is a GoFundMe account. I would appreciate any help, or ideas to help raise the money.”

This is a link to Tianna’s GoFundMe page: https://www.gofundme.com/2gujn98 and like she says, every penny counts! If you have any ideas that could help this amazingly optimistic young woman or would like to donate, please do not hesitate to contact her or check out her page. Tianna and her family are most grateful for any help they can get so Tianna can live the dream she has worked so hard to achieve!

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