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New Gun Laws And What Will Change If The New Laws Are Approved

The return of lawmakers to Olympia for the next 2020 legislative session to sign in new gun laws will go in the history of the United States as a day in which a major step was taken to curb the recent gun violence taking the lives of innocent people across the country. 

If approved, this set of new laws will go a long way in reducing gun violence and mass shootings. One of the new bills to be passed which has to do with prohibiting the buying of certain types of weapons to a level of training and a rigorous background check. This bill will help keep guns and other ammunition from the hands of derailed people capable of causing chaos in the society.

The recent gun violence which took place in Dayton, Ohio in August taking the lives of nine American’s leaving 27 others injured within just 30 secs is an eye-opener that clearly shows that if the new bill to restrict magazines to 10 to 15 bullets is not approved, the country should be ready for more gun violence crimes in the nearest future. Although, law enforcement, recreational shooting ranges, and the military will be exempted. 

The new bill will also ban the sales of semi-automatic guns “assault weapons”. With this law in place, the risk of having dangerous people carry ammunition capable of killing hundreds within just a minute will be reduced. This will, in turn, make our society better and safer. 

This particular bill also exempts people who already possess these grandfathered guns before the bill was approved.

According to the old law, the bill prohibits the buying of semi-automatic guns for anyone that is under the age of 21. In this context, a semi-automatic gun is defined as


Accuracy International As50 Semi-Automatic Rifle - Wikimediaimages
Accuracy International As50 Semi-Automatic Rifle – ©Wikimediaimages

“weapons as any rifle that reloads after firing a round when the trigger is pulled, as opposed to a gun that requires the person to open and close a bolt to reload.” 

This particular law has greatly helped, but it has not helped monitored the sales of this ammunition. The new bill that is about to be passed takes account of that by developing a bill that strengthens the rules of ammunition sales.

Over the years, law enforcement has created a trend in which they resell or auction confiscated guns that have been used for crimes in the past years. These guns end up going back into the system, thereby increasing the number of guns in the possession of the society. 

According to an investigation carried out by an Associated Press investigation, It was discovered that since 2010, more than 6,000 firearms sold by Washington law enforcement agencies are used for Criminal purposes.

The new bill hopes to eradicate this big threat in our society by passing a bill that helps to destroy confiscated ammunition rather than re-inject them back into society.

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