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12/05/2020 Study Shows that Summers will have no impact on Corona


There have been different speculations as to which factors will finally put an end to this pandemic. Summers were thought of as the time to bid this disease goodbye, but a recent study concludes that even the scorching temperatures will not slow the progress of this disease.

The study was conducted from 144 geopolitical locations and included 375,609 positive cases of COVID-19. The findings concluded that although the spread of the pandemic decelerated through restrictions on mass gatherings. Environmental factors like temperature and humidity, however, do not hinder its growth.


12/05/2020 Director-General of WHO speaks about the potential Vaccines

In a briefing held on 11/5/2020, DG WHO Tedros Adhanom detailed that there are potentially seven to eight viable vaccines against the COVID-19 virus. These vaccines were shortlisted out more than 100 options.
Tedros explained that WHO has been coordinating with thousands of researchers from around the globe to fast track the COVID vaccine development.

12/05/2020 CRISPR Testing approved for Use

A new test based on CRISPR technology for the SARS-CoV-2 has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is an extremely effective method of testing as it not only increase the number of tests conducted daily but also avoid holdups.
CRISPR technology allows researchers to edit gene functions and alter DNA sequences.
Through CRISPR based diagnostic kits, labs can get the COVID test results within 1 hour. The kit can spot genetic material of the SARS virus in cotton swabs from the mouth, throat, or nose. The detected virus is illuminated through a fluorescent glow.


11/05/2020 South korea perpares for a 2nd wave

Korean Center of disease control reported 34 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday. After easing of lockdown, this is the highest daily count of Corona positive patients in a span of one month.
The outbreak has said to have been aggravated due to nighttime entertainment. Most of the night clubs in Seoul have eased the physical distancing rules. The president urged all its residents that they must not let their guards down, as the fight against corona is an ongoing process, and would require diligence.


Wuhan citizens rush to buy vegetables during Wuhan coronavirus outbreak

11/05/2020 COVID clusters reported in Wuhan, China

After a sigh of relief, China has once again been plunged into the horrors of this virus. Wuhan city which is the Epicenter of the COVID pandemic has once again reported mass numbers of infected people. China is still exercising extreme precautions in maintaining prevention and control. But the new outbreak has made the authorities tenser, as they are planning to reopen the country.

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