New York Stock Exchange Credit AP Associated Press

The need to restart the economy is strong, and the fear of being too late is higher than ever. Many doctors are referring to what is called “herd immunity,” which is conferred when a high percentage of the population has been infected with the virus, consequently becoming immune. This immunity naturally contains the spreading of the virus, and this makes “the herd” stronger. This also protects our healthcare system and consequently our economy.
There is not enough evidence, though, to lower the guard and lightly decide to reopen the doors to small businesses, malls, and return normality. Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam urged to be extremely cautious. WHO has published guidance on social measures for the next phase of the COVID-19. There is no evidence that who has recovered has the antibodies and are protected from future infections, and the risk of a second wave of the disease will be detrimental not only to our healthcare system but also to our economy.

The risk of not having a reliable and consistent recovery of both the economy and healthcare system can result in a cataclysmic crash of our society. The feeble balance that the world leans on is dictated by slow and calculated changes. This situation is at a halt that we weren’t expecting.
The complexity of our intricate interactions doesn’t allow for sections that can stop without causing ripple effects across our entire lives.
Measures could be put in place to help the economy and our wallets without having to bleed out the government’s pockets. Mortgages and debts could be paused, and each monthly payments missed—because of COVID-19—could be placed at the end of the terms with no true loss for anyone. This solution would not create any stress on the government’s finances, nor on banks and financial institutions, unfortunately—as many have pointed out—it seems that the greediness of banks and institutions are not willing to take this route, and the only solutions at hand are debt over debt.
There are many reasons why not lowering down our defence in this moment is crucial, and our next steps will make a dramatic difference in this pivotal moment.