Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

 Photo by Juraj Varga from Pixabay

When the number of contagious cases climes so rapidly passing the 3 million in less than 4 months, this can intimidate even the most courageous of us. From now on this will be a battle that will ask the best of all of us, to unite and be strong. Unfortunately, this is not happening. When numbers skyrocket this fast, the world around us seems to become more and more unreal. Conspiracy theories become more realistic, from blaming the 5G, claiming that viruses spread using the electromagnetic spectrum; to Bill Gates wanting to vaccinate the world while battling the anti-vaxxers claiming that vaccines don’t work and that it’s all a farse to implant microchips under our skin. The theories don’t end here, Wuhan becomes the center of a thriller/spy movie where the virus escaped from a research lab making us all sick, then making us become zombies (okay the last part I added it to see if you are still following). More theories like COVID-19 is a bio-weapon, for this a round of applause and thank you goes to US Sen. Tom Cotton (Republican, Arkansas) who amplified theories first aired in the Washington Examiner that the Wuhan Institute of Virology “is linked to Beijing’s covert bio-weapons program.” The best ones are yet to come like it’s all fault of GMOs; that COVID-19 doesn’t exist; that this is all a plot to undermine Trump; a Big Pharma hoax; that all the numbers are inflated and that this is just another case of normal flu.

This is not about conspiracy, this is not about how real or not the numbers are. Goes without saying that the numbers are not real, and there is no need to prove it, but I will indulge to make you all understand what is going on. Think of all the extremely poor countries in Africa, let’s look at Djibouti or Eritrea, probably the poorest countries in the world, with no water, no food, no medicines, no hospitals, their numbers cannot be accurate. If we can imagine a circle expanding from these countries you have Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, more and more countries that cannot test properly, nor report the deaths and contagious cases. Once we understand that the numbers are completely different and that we cannot expect 100% accuracy, then things start to become different in our minds and that we need to pull together to get past this moment. We all need to understand that 3 million people on this planet are confirmed cases and that there are tens of thousands more that will never be testes, with tens of thousands more that died and will never be registered in the COVID-19 list. Instead of letting the conspiracy theories get a hold of our reality, we need to unite and fight the spread of this pandemic. We need to help our healthcare system not to be overwhelmed; our government not to bleed out; our most vulnerable neighbours to be helped and kept safe. We can all do this, we can all do our share, or on the other hand, get caught in this useless spiral of desperation that can bring nothing more than our demise.