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Health and updates on the latest news on the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Covid Vaccine Pfizer Biotech

COVID-19 Vaccinations in US and around the world

As of January 2021, a lot of new vaccines have been developed to combat the pandemic; some vaccines have been approved for use, while many are still in the trial phase. By Abeerah khan

Rome - ©Sergio David Spadavecchia - Creative Spades

Italy, not the time to lower the guard

Italy has registered almost 88,000 coronavirus-related deaths since the disease first came to light last February — the second highest toll in Europe after Britain and the sixth highest in the world. © Sergio David Spadavecchia /

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

COVID-19 Ontario Lockdown

Lockdown in Ontario and Ottawa severely affected businesses like the rest of the world.

Trump speach 2020-12-27 - COVID-19: NO SIGNATURE FOR THE RELIEF BILL

Covid-19: No signature for the relief bill

No jobs, no unemployment benefits and a rough 2021 ahead for millions of Americans.

Trump delayed signing the Covid relief bill, and now the deadline has passed. His claim is to give the American people a bigger one-off payment.